Scent of Mahogany Shea Body Oil

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Our Body Oils are a powerful moisturizing, yet non-greasy blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Vitamin E and Fragrance Oil.

Scent Notes: Almond, Shea, Amber & Light Musk

See our oils and their wonderful skin benefits:

Grapeseed Oil:

  • Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lightweight yet high in Vitamin E and beta-Carotene Easily penetrates skin with intense moisture without feeling greasy 
  • Known to tighten and tone skin, offers protection against sun damage, wrinkles, and stretch marks

Apricot Kernel Oil:

  • Resembles natural sebum produced in human skin
  • Known to smooth blemishes, wrinkles fine lines (anti-aging)
  • Rich in Vitamin A (UV Protection & Stimulate production of Collagen) & Vitamin E (Antioxidant & Increased Circulation)
  • Alternative to Sweet Almond oil - for those with allergies

Jojoba Oil:

  • Known to be non-comedogenic (will not block pores) 
  • Assist to restore skins natural oils
  • Readily absorbed by the skin
  • Maintains the softness, suppleness, with moisture retaining ability

*The shelf life is one year from purchase*