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Candle and Diffuser Tips for Proper Care

The Little Scent Shoppe Home Products
The Little Scent Shoppe's Home Collection were crafted to be an enjoyable and soothing experience. To get the most out of our products please follow some of our suggestions below:


Candles Care:
As any candle the first burn is the most important:
- Be sure to let the candle burn at a max of 4 hours per burn
- Allow the candle surface to melt completely each burn, to avoid tunneling
- Always enjoy your candle on a heat resistant surface.
- Before each burn ensure you have trimmed your wick to 1/4"

Rattan Reed Diffusers Care:
- The vessel holds a minimum 5oz of handcrafted oil
- On first use once oil is poured into your vessel, insert reeds and leave for one (1) hour
- After the hour, flip your reeds and that is it! Enjoy the fragrance!
- Each starter or refill kit will come with a set of Rattan Reeds
- Be sure to rotate these reeds, once every
7-10 days for up to 90 days of continued fragrance